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Have you ever heard Polish slang? Or heard someone say Siema! to you and you didn’t know what to reply? Even if you surround yourself with glutted bookshelves, some expressions in the Polish language don’t seem to have a direct meaning based on textbooks. In this article we will introduce you to Polish slang and show you that it is funny and much easier to learn.

Why Not Try to Make Learning Fun and Relevant by Focusing on Polish Slang Words?

Have you ever watched Polish films or TV series and had to pause every few minutes because you couldn’t understand what the actors were saying? This is understandable. Nowadays we use slang more and more and for people learning Polish, it can be difficult.
Sometimes, a slang term may hold a different effect if a local says it vs. when foreigners use it. The same difference can be observed when a child vs. an adult speaks a specific slang term. But the question is… why is that so?

Slang Differences

There are different definitions of slang at different age levels. Nowadays, it would be hard to get along between a teenager and an older person. Polish slang is developing very quickly. A lot of words are also borrowed from English.

Get to Know Better Polish Slang

Learning slang in Polish will certainly help you to better understand what a person in Poland is saying to you at any given time. Here are some of the advantages of becoming familiar with slang:

  1. Using Polish slang will allow you to talk freely. After all, we want the conversation to run smoothly and without stress. 
  2. Using Polish slang will also allow you to be shorter and more verbose. 
  3. Getting to know Polish slang will allow you to build a looser and deeper relationship with the locals. 
  4. Polish slang is fun and simple. it will certainly make your conversations more colourful and also allow you to distinguish when you can use it in a given situation. 
  5. Learning slang will also allow you to develop your Polish language skills. You will certainly feel more confident and you understand how the language is used more profoundly.

Polish Slang

If someone has a cool car, stylish, new and fast, they have a furore. Extravagant cars are called fura in Poland. Often teenagers also call their cars fura, which do not necessarily have to look expensive.
In Polish the word laska means ‘stick’. And it is also commonly used as a slang term for a woman or girl who is attractive.
They call a girl laska and a guy ciacho. Ciacho is a man or boy who we find attractive. Ciacho also means cake.
If you want to say about someone that he or she has a lot of money and is bragging about it, then in Poland you say that person is loaded, filled, as one would say about a doughnut.
The Polish slang word for ‘loaded’ as in intoxicated or drunk is narąbany. A typical Polish comparison similar to the one cited translates into ‘loaded like a Messerschmitt’.
Fajka, Szlug
If you’re in Poland and you smoke, you can ask for a fajka or a szlug. In Polish, the word fajka means cigarette.
Ktoś zaliczył zgona. This is what young people often say to people who get too drunk and fall asleep during a party. Another meaning is death.

Polish Slang Dictionary

Siema! Hej! Siemka! Elo! – eng. Hi!

Nara. – eng. Bye!

kasa, hajs – eng. money

wixa, balet, impra – eng. party 

spoko, git – eng. ok

ściema – eng. a lie

git – eng. cool

luz- eng. chill

mega, zarąbiście – eng. awesome 

czaić – eng. to understand

na luzie / na lajcie – eng. no hurry

obczaić – eng. to look closely

ekstra –eng. amazing

bez kitu – eng. seriously 

chrzanisz – eng. talking a bullshit 

słabo – eng. not good

dzban – eng. a silly person

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