• Z czym ci się kojarzy skrót PRL?
  • Co byś zrobił/a, gdybyś był/a prezydentem/ką swojego kraju?
  • Jakie zawody cieszą się poważaniem?
  • Dlaczego Polacy nie witają się przez próg?
  • Jakie zmiany w języku ci się podobają, a jakie nie?

About B2

B2 is looked at the upper-intermediate level and helps you fine-tune your skills in technical conversations, abstract topics and express your opinions in great detail. You can interact with a degree of fluency in your areas of expertise. There is a level of spontaneity within your speaking, making it much easier for you to engage with native speakers without thinking twice about what you’re saying or how you’re saying it. You can produce clear viewpoints on most topics and explain your opinions in greater detail, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of both sides of an argument.

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    • Function/Revision of cases (Nouns, Adjectives, Pronouns)
    • Participles
    • Idioms and Phraseology
    • Conjunctions (e.g. zatem, niby, aczkolwiek, toteż)
    • Diminutives, Augmentatives
    • Verbs of movement
    • Verbs with prefixes
    • Syntax and declination of numerals
    • Impersonal forms


    • Climate change
    • Contemporary Polish history and politics
    • Generation gap
    • Poland’s emigration and Polish diaspora
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    (Module B2.2)

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    19:30-21.00 CET

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    210 EUR (12 weeks)

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    4-6 people

    At the B2 CEFR level, a language learner can understand the main ideas of a complex text such as a technical piece related to their field. Spontaneously interact without too much strain for either the learner or the native speaker. Produce a detailed text on a wide range of subjects.

    To reach this level you need to complete 500-600 lesson units.

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