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Online Polish Course for Beginner

Online Polish Course for Beginner

Are you a foreigner and have recently arrived in Poland? Or maybe your girlfriend or wife is from Poland? Or are you simply interested in the country and would like to learn the language? But there is no Polish language school in your country. We invite you to the Polka Dot School for online Polish Course for beginner.

A1 courses are the best way to start your adventure with learning Polish. In everyday speech, A1 is considered the ‘beginner’ level. A1 course will teach you the most fundamental words, how to use them, simple grammar rules and lay the foundations for further education. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to introduce yourself and greet those around you, answer basic personal questions about yourself. While Polish is commonly seen as a difficult language to learn by non-native speakers in comparison to other languages unless their own native tongue is a Slavic language as well, we believe that with a well-designed course and great teachers, learning Polish can be a fun and pleasant experience.

Why Is It Worth Learning Polish?

There can be many reasons, of course. We do not know every situation of those willing to learn Polish individually. The first reason may of course be the desire to immigrate to Poland. Poland is a country located in central Europe. We are becoming an increasingly developed country and every year a lot of people from other countries come to visit us, especially from Eastern Europe, e.g. Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. You may also be tempted to immigrate to Poland by the desire to find a reasonably well-paid job with a relatively low cost of living. The cost of living in Poland is also lower than in Western Europe. You can also learn Polish to become more competitive in the job market.

Learn From Polish Native Speaker

Learning a new language with an online course is the best way to lay the groundwork for further learning. Motivation and diligence are essential to follow the coursework and successfully absorb all new information, but when it comes to developing correct pronunciation and habits, there’s nothing better than learning under the watchful eye of a teacher who’s a native Polish speaker.

Polish Language Learning in a Group

With the help of our experienced teachers, you will build solid foundations for your future education. Our classes are taught in small groups, giving you the chance to learn together with other language learners while ensuring that your teacher can focus on the needs and progress of each individual student. You will be encouraged to start speaking right away to gain confidence and develop practical Polish language skills.

Learn Polish Online

Online Polish course learning is a great way to learn a language anywhere in the world. It is a good solution for people who appreciate the comfort of working and studying and who want to learn anywhere with access to the Internet. Our online course is tailored to the needs and expectations of each learner, so that they can quickly and effectively break through speaking barriers and achieve their goals. You can find out for yourself in our first free trial lesson.

What Do You Learn On The A1 Course?

You will learn the basics needed to start speaking Polish by encouraging you to talk and practice listening skills during classes and interact with Polish culture in your free time. You will learn to choose the right phrases and adapt the manner of speaking to the situation.

Our A1 course includes:

  • learning the Polish alphabet,
  • practising Polish pronunciation,
  • basic Polish words useful in everyday conversations,
  • introduction to Polish grammar,
  • practical examples of vocabulary and grammar use,
  • key phrases and expressions.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to introduce yourself and greet those around you, answer basic personal questions about yourself and interact with native Polish speakers at a basic level when spoken to slowly and clearly.
You can get more information about A1 online Polish courses.

Polish language course at Polka Dot School will help you to learn successfully.

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