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Are you planning your holiday in Poland? Which forms of accommodation to choose? Where is the best place to spend a weekend? Of course, it all depends on your needs and preferences. But you are not sure if you don’t know any phrases in Polish? In this article we will present some basic phrases and sentences in Polish. It will be easier for you to communicate at the hotel. This way you will be able to for example book a room speaking Polish without any problems.

Useful Phrases in Polish

There are a few ways to find accommodation in Poland, depending on the formality of the situation and the time of day. Starting a conversation in a foreign language can be stressful, especially for beginners. The most common ways to ask someone in Poland with are:

  • Where can I find a…? / Gdzie mogę znaleźć…? {gdje mo-ge zna-leshch…?
      • camping ground / camping {kam-peenk}
      • guesthouse / pensjonat {pen-syo-nat}
      • hotel
      • motel
      • youth hostel / schronisko młodzieżowe {sro-nees-ko mwo-dje-zho-ve}
  • Where’s the …hotel? / Gdzie jest…hotel?
      • best / najlepszy {nay-lep-shi}
      • cheapest / najtańszy {nay-tan-shi}
      • nearest / najbliższy {nay-bleesh-shi}
  • What’s the address? / Jaki jest adres? {ya-kee yest a-dres?}

Polish Hotels

In most hotels, we can communicate in English at reception. However, in smaller towns, people do not speak English so well. It is therefore useful to know a few simple basic phrases in Polish. These Polish phrases can help you in most situations.
There are numerous holiday flats and holiday homes available to holidaymakers in holiday resorts. Landlords offer their rooms with the sign “Rooms available”. In Polish it means “Wolne pokoje”.”No vacancies / Brak miejsc”, on the other hand, means that all rooms are fully booked.

How to Book a Room?

Do you have any rooms available? / Czy są wolne pokoje? {chi som vol-ne po-ko-ye?}

  • I’d like a … room. / Poproszę o pokój … . { po-pro-she o po-kooy …}
      • single / jednoosobowy {yed-no-o-so-bo-vi}
      • double / dwuosobowy {dvoo-o-so-bo-vi}
      • triple / trzyosobowy {tshi-o-so-bo-vi}
  • How much is the room per night? / Ile kosztuje ten pokój za noc? {ee-le kosh-too-ye ten po-kooy za nots?}
  • Haven’t you anything cheaper? / Czy nie ma czegoś tańszego? {chi nye ma che-gosh tan-she-go?}
  • Are there any others? / Czy są inne? {chi som een-ne}?
  • Does it include breakfast? / Czy śniadanie jest wliczone? {chi shnya-da-nye yest vlee-cho-ne?}
  • It’s fine. I’ll take it. / Dobrze. Wezmę go. {do-bzhe, vez-me go}

Poland has a wide range of accommodation, from camps to youth hostels and luxury hotels. The choice of accommodation has increased significantly. Unfortunately, as a result, accommodation prices have also increased.

  • How long are you going to stay? / Jak długo zamierza pan/pani zostać?
    {yak dwoo-go za-mye-zha pan/pa-nee zos-tach?}
  • How many nights? / Ile nocy? {ee-le no-tsi?}
  • Sorry, we’re full. / Niestety nie ma miejsc. {nyes-te-ti nye ma myeysts}

Below we present a few typical Polish words that will always appear in the forms to be filled in, e.g. at the hotel reception.

A few words in Polish:

  • przyjazd / arrival
  • wyjazd / departure
  • imię / first name
  • nazwisko / surname
  • zameldowanie / check inl
  • wymeldowanie / check out

Don’t be afraid to speak Polish. Even if you make mistakes, people will still be happy to help you. If you want to learn to speak fluent Polish and have no problem planning your travels, we invite you to our Polka Dot School for a online Polish courses.

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