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Polka Dot is an online language school run by Polish language teachers. We help expatriates, immigrants, tourists, dual-citizens, and cultural enthusiasts learn to use the Polish language for whatever reasons they need. We offer online Polish courses for students at various levels with an emphasis on acquiring practical skills through language practice to enable you to understand and speak Polish with ease in any situation.

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Her polka-dot dress – that's all I know of her...
They say she was an officer's wife.
Her name must have been Zosia…
You should understand, Zosia, what trouble I have...
Remember your dress, red, with white polka-dots.

Czesław Miłosz,
A Polka-Dot Dress
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Our teachers are all Polish citizens with the skills, experience and qualifications to teach their native language effectively. They not only know all the best ways to help you learn Polish, but most importantly, they’re passionate about their homeland, its culture, and its language. During our online Polish lessons, you will learn more than just Polish grammar and common Polish words, you will discover Poland and the Polish language in a fun and unique way that not many language students get to experience.

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    Joanna Kulas

  • Michał Basiak

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    Joanna Bisińska

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    Zofia Mikońska

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    Anna Jankowska

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    Marta Laube

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    Bartosz Ostrowski

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    Karolina Walkowska

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Hi, my name is Joanna. Welcome to my school Polka Dot! Languages are my passion; I use my own experiences as a student to enhance my teaching methods and create an engaging environment for students to learn and practice Polish online.

If you’re here, it most likely means you’d like to start learning Polish. In this case, our Polish for beginners online course is perfect for you. Or maybe you are already learning Polish or have some previous knowledge of the language but you’re looking for an online Polish course for advanced students to brush up on your skills under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced Polish student, you probably already know how important regular practice and active communication are in the process of learning a language. These two points are my priority and the main focus of the Polish courses online at Polka Dot!

Why do I think it’s a good idea to take Polish classes at a language school?

A regular course taught by an experienced and qualified teacher gives you a stable structure. Learning with a teacher is particularly beneficial for beginners, as it allows them to build solid foundations when it comes to Polish grammar and pronunciation without forming bad habits and overlooking common mistakes. Additionally, you can learn Polish vocabulary with an app, listen to podcasts, or watch videos on YT in Polish. These are all very important but passive methods of learning. In an in-school course, you speak Polish regularly, and that’s how you actively learn.

Why do I think it’s a good idea to take a Polish course online?

The biggest plus of taking Polish classes online is flexibility. You can study at home, at the office, or when you are on the road. You can study when you are on holiday, and even then you don’t miss classes. Polish online classes are also a great option when there are no on-site courses available in your area. You can learn Polish online just as effectively as in a classroom, but in an environment where you feel most comfortable, and you can save time and money on commuting at the same time! Then there’s also the fact that online courses are generally also easier to fit into your schedule.

What Polish online courses can you take at Polka Dot?

At Polka Dot, we teach Polish language classes online for students at different levels of proficiency. If you already know some Polish, I will invite you to take a placement test. We will get to know each other and adjust your skills to the course level. What can we offer?

  • You will attend the course regularly twice a week.
  • You will meet a maximum of 6 people in a virtual class.
  • Before you pay for the whole course, you will attend a free trial lesson and decide whether you like it or not.
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Your first lesson is considered a trial lesson, and is absolutely free!

In 90 minutes, you’ll learn what Polka Dot is about: qualified native-speaking teachers, a unique learning method, enjoyable content and the best lesson quality.



Frequently Asked Questions About Polish Language

Why start learning Polish online with Polka Dot?

Because we care about your experience and progress. We want you to learn Polish in the most effective way possible without pressure and stress. Our online courses are taught by teachers with extensive knowledge of Polish culture and language, which they will pass on to you during your online Polish classes. With Polka Dot online courses, you can hone your Polish skills and expand your Polish vocabulary in a fun and supportive atmosphere and deepen your understanding of Polish customs and culture at the same time.

How hard is learning Polish for foreigners?

Learning Polish can be a challenge for non-Slavic language speakers due to the significant differences between the languages. You need to familiarise yourself with the Polish alphabet, new sounds and grammar that can sometimes be confusing even for Polish native speakers. But while challenging, it isn’t impossible. Our Polish language course for foreigners is tailored to English-speaking students to make your learning experience enjoyable and productive.

What is the fastest way to learn Polish?

As with any other language, learning to speak, write, read and understand Polish requires dedication and effort on your part. But the speed of language acquisition is also primarily influenced by your learning method. This is the part we can help you with! Polish lessons at Polka Dot do not focus solely on theoretical knowledge and expanding your vocabulary, your Polish teacher will encourage you to speak and immerse yourself in the language right from the start to help you build your confidence and practical communication skills. We believe that the fastest way to learn Polish is by actually speaking it.

How long does it take to start speaking Polish with online classes?

It depends on the type of classes you choose. Among many courses online, you can find those aimed at students interested in self-studying a language, focused on providing theoretical knowledge, and those with real-time lessons online with a Polish teacher, which offer a more practical approach like the one in our online school. Practising speaking and communicating in a foreign language when learning on your own is difficult because there’s no one to point out your mistakes or engage you in an actual conversation. Classes with a native-speaking teacher and a group of other students, like those offered at Polka Dot, give you more opportunities to speak and practice and can significantly speed up your progress.

Further information about our processing of data and your right of revocation can be found in our Data Protection Declaration.

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